Got cold feet, acid reflux, and swollen legs? Ever think your Diaphragm tightness may be contributing to it?

The thoracic diaphragm is the most important primary muscle involved in breathing. This Diaphragm has 3 hiatuses (aka holes/openings) running through it which are positioned at certain levels of our spine. The hiatuses allow for very important structures to pass through. The structures passing through the diaphragm are important for proper circulation, digestion, and lymphatic flow to occur. If the diaphragm cannot contract and relax properly, it can put unnecessary strain on these areas. Things like cold feet, blood pressure management, acid reflux, GI issues, and swollen legs could result from the diaphragm being unable to contract and relax as optimally as it should. Diaphragmatic breathing is one way for you to help provide relief for some of these symptoms provided it can contract and relax properly.

Considering how your diaphragm moves just as you would another muscle in your body can be a game changer for you! Oftentimes we go about our business not realizing that something so simple as remembering to take a quality breath can help us. We need to ask ourselves more often How do I breathe? I am sure we have been told at least once in our lives to take a deep breath. Especially in times of stress. “So how do I breathe?” Don’t let less-than-optimal diaphragmatic breathing run you ragged! Learn how to breathe better so you can move better. So, when life throws challenges, you show up ready. Better Breathing translates into a Better You!

How are you breathing these days? I don’t know about you but I put the thoracic diaphragm in high regard!

You are destined for greatness!