Better Breathing, Better You: Things you didn’t know about Mouth Breathing vs Nose Breathing.

How to achieve Better Breathing, for a Better You?


The first thing is to ensure you’re breathing through your nose and not your mouth. Breathing through the nose is probably by far one of the best things we can do to fight off pathogens! The nose is our first line of defense. It is crucial that we have clean and warm air entering our lungs. Not only does the nose, clean, humidify, and warm the air, the nose has a ton of nitric oxide receptors, unlike the mouth. Nitric oxide is known to dilate the airways. Dilated airways mean you breathe better and have a much better chance of getting oxygen to the deeper layers of your cells. This is one of the many benefits of nose breathing.

Perhaps you know someone who is always congested, or maybe you are congested yourself.

Too often I hear, I can’t breathe through my nose at all so that is why I am a mouth breather. Believe it or not, if you start to commit to nose breathing, you may notice less nasal congestion. Try it! Make no mistake that the mouth is nowhere near as efficient as the nose. Yet most people are breathing through their mouth daily, and carrying that pattern into sleeping with the mouth open. Increasing the chance of getting colds, waking up with a dry mouth, jaw tension, headaches, and even more nasal congestion.

No wonder so many people are waking up exhausted and have trouble concentrating during the day. Something is to be said about being told to shut your mouth as offensive as it sounds!

When you are mouth breathing vs nose breathing, you set yourself up for a laundry list of issues. Very seemingly unrelated things can be traced back to being a mouth breather. Being a mouth breather interferes with your tongue posture, which can cause teeth grinding and hinder your ability to achieve a quality breath. Mouth breathing is also a known contributor to overcrowding and crooked teeth.

The overcrowding and maladjustments to the hard palate of the mouth can negatively affect facial development. Causing changes to the presentation of our face. Crazy huh? Hopefully, you are starting to see the many benefits of nose breathing. When you make it your business to ditch mouth breathing and switch to nose breathing, your whole body benefits. Nose breathing contributes to Better Breathing and Ultimately a Better You!

Do you struggle with breathing through your nose? You know you don’t have to?

You are destined for greatness!