“A perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing”

Lao Tsu

Our bodies are stabilized through proper breathing
mechanics. Our primary muscles involved in the breathing process must be able to contract and relax

Breathing sets the stage for all that we do.

It is fairly common thought that exercises like sit-ups and crunches are all that is needed to strengthen “your core” and prevent back pain and discomfort. ‘Just getting stronger” oftentimes is not enough to keep us free from discomfort and injury. “Just getting stronger” doesn’t always translate into more stability and support for our spine and body. Sometimes we need to coordinate our breathing and movement a little bit better. Learning how to stabilize and support our bodies builds us the ultimate strength and power, so we can safely and efficiently move through life. Getting back to all the things we love to do! This transitions into a healthy body and system.

Creating awareness around how we breathe is important for overall health and well-being as well as body stabilization.

Breathing was what we did as a child to stand up and ultimately walk. Breathing is the first thing we do and sets the stage for all that we do.

Benefits you will receive working with me:


More restful sleep.


Increase in concentration and focus.


Decrease in stress levels.


Noticeable Improvements in Immune Function.


Faster recovery times and injury prevention.


Increase in Balance and Coordination.


Relief from neck, back, hip and knee discomfort which oftentimes slows us down preventing us from
doing some of our favorite things or making daily activities challenging.


Maintain and preserve your ability to get up and down from the ground with safety and ease.


Gain self-awareness and confidence of knowing you have total control of your health and well-being.


Get back to all the things you love to do and start doing things you never imagined.