Better Breathing, Better You Screening and Plans:

  • Great for stress reduction, digestion/acid reflux, circulation and lymphatic issues.
  • Great for those who experience jaw tension, prone to teeth grinding.
  • Great for those recovering from an injury, who experience, persistent neck, and back stiffness and discomfort. Discomforts on both sides of the body.
Sinus-Specific Screening Consultation and Plan
  • Suffer from allergies, congestion, trouble blowing your nose, and breathing through the nose.
  • Experience jaw tension, face pain and prone to teeth grinding.
Move without Restrictions Screening and Plans:
  • Individualized Movement Screening Consultation and Plan.
  • Low back and lower extremity.
  • Neck and upper extremity.




Move your way through the 3 Ds: Discover, Driven and Dominate. Where we discover what the problem is, work on it and decrease symptoms. Setting the stage to change and integrate new patterns.

Less than optimal breathing and movement patterns leave us vulnerable to injury, pain and discomfort. Ultimately preventing us from doing all the things we need and love to do!

Individualized Detailed Plan where we strategize together to get you feeling even more comfortable in your skin and have a plan to keep you feeling your best. Continue to move without restrictions. Build strength, and stability and gain confidence knowing you have strategies in place to help yourself.

Icebreaker and Master Program

Group Training

Through the BOSS Method, individuals will gain improvements in sleep quality, increases in energy levels, concentration and focus and balance and coordination. Individualized and Group Programs to help you breathe, move and sleep better.

Monthly Membership

Individual sessions where we work with you to help troubleshoot, integrate and implement strategies
with your clientele.

What Clients Are Saying

What Professionals Are Saying

Since we are all in this together and our ultimate goal is to add value to the lives of those we serve,
we are excited to offer this service.

If you are interested in learning where to start and see if this is something for you. Go ahead and
book a free 20-minute strategy call. I want to hear from you! Let’s get you breathing and moving
better so when life throws challenges you show up ready!