More Testimonials

“Karin is an absolutely incredible screener of human movement. She has worked vigilantly to understand the workings of the movement systems to help people move better than ever before. For years, she has assisted many of my courses and helped students understand the hard work of the human body. She makes people feel at ease with her teachings and provides a safe environment to explore how far one can dive into their own movement strategies. I would gladly refer all my patients to her and know they are getting guidance from a true expert in movement.”
Dr. Kathy Dooley
“I met Karin through my NKT level 2 class in NYC. She was the assistant instructor to Dr. Kathy Dooley. I have an extensive medical background as for teaching and working with patients and could not understand this material. The weekend for me was very stressful, I was sick (not knowing it), and very sleep deprived. I could not absorb the information like I and others hand hoped. At the end of the class, Karin came to me and said, “I can help you.” I didn’t buy it at first. I wanted study groups, and self study and save money. As time went by, I had to hire her. My biggest regret was not hiring her from the beginning. After 2 sessions of her help, I felt increased confidence, knowledge and understanding to the material, even stronger than when I was a level 1 NKT therapist. Karin has has teaching skills that help develop a professional relationship, mentor-ship, builds TRUST and confidence with you that I found different compared to other instructors. Karin finds tools to help break down the material for you to absorb and understand and not be rushed. I give Karin a 10 out of 10 for being my hero at the last minute-before testing out with Dr. Dooley, I got stuck in a “puddle” with my lab partner and she quickly bailed me out! She stood right by the phone and called me at the last minute and couldn’t appreciate her more. I am very thankful to have her as a friend but also learn from her!"
Stephanie A.
“I had the pleasure of meeting with Karin Ravalese for chronic neck pain and stiffness. She introduced me to stretching, balancing, and breathing techniques. I found her style and techniques to be very beneficial. This helped to decrease some of the pain and stiffness that I was experiencing. She is very knowledgeable in this area of expertise. I highly recommend her for pain management!"
Jill C., RN
"I had been living with an obstructed right nostril my entire life. I was a mouth breather, which made it hard to eat at times. As I got older, I lived with chronic sinusitis on the left side of my face. I had a septoplasty done which helped a bit. But I still needed to learn to breathe through my nose again. I also had back surgery in my past. Karin has helped me learn techniques to help me remember to breathe through my nose, and keep my sinusitis under control better. I also learned to keep check on my scar tissue so I am moving and breathing properly. She uses several teaching techniques so you can follow and properly repeat what you learned in your session. I am living more comfortably in my own body.”
Janet R., RN
“I have had problems for many years with back pain which has occurred intermittently. I have gotten treatment in the past from my primary care doctor and orthopedic doctor. I’ve seen Karin a few times with this issue and she showed me breathing exercises and gave me pointers on how to alleviate the pain. I was surprised that the exercises she taught me to stabilize my core alleviated the pain right away. I would highly recommend Karin to help others and teach them easy-to-do exercises that are extremely helpful in relieving pain."
Beverly R., RN
“I first asked Karin if she could help me with rib cage mobilization due to previous breast, cancer treatment, including radiation. Even though I had done breathing exercises before with yoga practice, her technique was a bit different and got me working on my lengthening, inhale and exhale. I am surprised at how far I’ve come with that. Initially, I did not want to do the prone breathing, because I was worried about my neck and back. Karin’s gradual techniques progressed me from lying prone to actually being able to lift my spine from that position which is important for my osteoporosis. I’m doing exercises now that I haven’t done in some years. This year I am looking forward to further building my strength and endurance.”
Dr. Linda A.
“I’m a ballroom dancer and I was experiencing increasing shoulder pain and a decrease in my range of motion. The pain in my shoulder was hampering my ability to properly follow my partner’s leads. Karin listened patiently to every word I said and asked questions. Then she showed me how to get results with some amazing slow, gentle movements. As I did the exercises myself, she further explained the nuances to achieve the best results. I knew right then that I had gained some very valuable information and that I would include these exercises in my regular exercise routine. Karin is thorough, trustworthy, takes ownership of her knowledge, she shows sincere concern and kindness with everyone she meets, is professional, and accepts challenges willingly and responsibly. I hold Karin in very high esteem.”
Mary Ann D.
“I slept great. I feel really good today, my breathing is easier and I keep trying to remind myself I don’t have to try so hard to get air in.”
Cathleen L.
“Karin has given me a lot of relief that I haven't received from therapy and doctors. When my neck acts up, I use the exercises she suggested and it loosens right up. I'm not a kid again but I can function. The breathing and exercise techniques helped with my assorted arthritic pains. I don't hesitate to seek her advice and knowledge when I need help.”
Paul R.
“I had taken a bad fall earlier in the week when my dog decided to chase after something, and I couldn’t keep up with him. By day 5 my bruises were healing but I still felt body stiffness all over until I had a session with Karin this morning. She did an overall movement screen and then showed me stretching exercises along with proper breathing techniques and I feel so much better!! My head feels clearer, I feel like I have more energy and my aches are barely noticeable because I just feel better overall, and this was after only one session. Can’t wait to learn more from Karin.”
Kim V.
"I got so much value from working with Karin. She clearly connects the importance of breathwork and quality of movement and life! From the first conversation, I was able to start implementing strategies that I've been able to continue implementing into my everyday life. It's amazing how simple and effective her method is!" Your wealth of knowledge is clearly excellent and you clearly have such a heart to bring that freedom to people and I love being able to get connected to someone like you.”
Sarah L.
“From the moment I met Karin, her passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness was evident. She approached our sessions with a genuine dedication to understanding my unique needs and goals. I can confidently say that working with Karin has been a transformative experience for me. Not only have I seen a significant improvement in my overall fitness level, but I have also gained a deeper understanding of my body and how to optimize my physical well-being.”
Kareen B.