Breathing Your Way to Weight Loss!

Did you know that proper breathing mechanics can play a role in weight loss?

Yes, it’s true.

Something so simple as breathing properly can help us drop a few pounds.

Here are a Few Reasons Why:

  • Let’s Talk about Nose Breathing: When you breathe through your nose, nitric oxide receptors in your nose, help dilate blood vessels, providing more oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues of the body. When our body feels more supported, there is less chance of it feeling stressed, depleted, run-down, etc. The greater the chance that oxygen has to get to our cells and tissues, the more chance to burn calories. More calories burned contribute to weight loss.
  • Let’s Talk about the Diaphragm: The muscle that is most associated with breathing. Too often I hear “I know how to breathe. Otherwise, I would be dead” Usually followed by laughter! This is true! However, how we breathe is what really matters. Since the diaphragm is a muscle, it is also essential that the muscle is able to contract and relax appropriately. Being stuck in one position is never a good thing. If the diaphragm is stuck in one position, over the other, it could hinder our digestion, and blood circulation and cause some disturbances in how we manage our blood pressure. The Vagus Nerve runs through the diaphragm, and this very important nerve has the ability to control many functions in our body. The diaphragm has feedback to and from our brain and is often times referred to as our emotional muscle.

So, if you’re feeling stressed, run-down, have trouble sleeping, are congested, and your digestion is off, this can absolutely affect weight loss. Often times these are some of the very things preventing us from losing weight.

When we consciously breathe through our nose, and the diaphragm is able to contract and relax properly, we provide our bodies with numerous health benefits, and losing some unwanted weight is just one of many!

Imagine how much better your life will be if you have your breathing mechanics dialed in!

Stop training bad patterns and have your breathing and movement screening today.

You are destined for greatness!